Aug 6, 2017

Beneath Copper Falls Colleen Coble- Rock Harbor #6


Dana has already learned that love isn’t safe . . . but could it be different in Rock Harbor? 

As a 911 dispatcher, Dana Newell takes pride in being calm in tough circumstances. In addition to her emotionally-charged career, she’s faced enough emergencies in her own life. She recently escaped her abusive fiancĂ© to move to tranquil Rock Harbor where she hopes life will be more peaceful.

But the idyllic town hides more danger and secrets than it first appeared. Dana is continually drawn to her new friend Boone, who has scars inside and out. Then she answers a call at her job only to hear a friend’s desperate screams on the other end. Soon the pain in her past collides with the mysteries of her new home—and threatens to keep her from the future she’s always wanted.

My thoughts on the book:

Dana has decided after dating a man who is not safe any longer maybe it would be better if she moved home this way she could be close to her friends and family and maybe they could help her. She never expected there to be more danger and secrets to uncover then when she came home and things start to reveal them self and she started to question what was really going on. Can she stay safe or is there more then meet the eye in this small town she called home once? Boone, is broken and scarred inside and out and he knows if he will ever find happiness again he needs to learn to let it go. But when he looses someone close to him and then his past seems to just come face to face with him he wonders what can happen next. When he seeks to help protect Dana he starts to wonder is there more then meets the eye with the world he had held so much anger towards?

OH MY GOODNESS, I just can't with this book. Literally from page one to the last page you are left guessing what the author is going to throw at you next and it keeps you on the edge of your seat for sure. The author has a way of sucking you in and then all of a sudden the book is over with. Wow just wow. I really enjoyed this book and wanted so much more from this story about these two. I am hoping they will appear in cameos in another book. (Its not a cliff hanger ending but you just get sucked into this book you are left wanting more.) I loved while this is a mystery the author kept the book good, clean and fun. I really enjoyed the biblical aspect of it as well. While Dana was trying to face a dangerous situation she was trying to get here heart right with God and see his handy work in whatever she faced on a day to day bases, and that seems to matter most. I enjoyed how Boone was broken he didn't come off as "whinny" but came off as a broken man looking for healing. If you want a book that will keep you guessing with every page turn seriously grab this book you will not regret it

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