May 26, 2015

Cherry Lane Rochelle Alers

What's the book about:
A place to call home . . .
In New York City, attorney Devon Gilmore devoted all her time and energy to fast-track her career. She lost her boyfriend . . . but found herself with a surprise baby on the way. To begin a new life, Devon needs a place to settle down-a place like Cavanaugh Island, where the pace is slow, the weather is fine, and the men are even finer.
From the moment David Sullivan meets Devon, he knows he can't fight the laws of attraction. Whether it's helping fix up the old cottage she just bought on Cherry Lane or working together on a pro bono legal case, he can't help feeling a little protective. But will the most eligible bachelor in town be ready for an instant family? Only if he can convince Devon to put her heart on the line one more time-for all time.

My thoughts on the book:
Devon has made a name for herself as an attorney, she works hard and has try to become something her month would not be proud of. She is asked by her best friend to come to Low county for his finances party and she never really expected all the surprise that low country had in store for her. She only has one problem she is pregnant. David is working for a law firm and is well known in the law world but he feel like there is so much more then just making money and helping the rich and famous. When he shows up at his best friends party he meets someone who has his attention he just never thought it would turn his world upside down and in a good way. He now has to face things and some scare him and he is ready to take on the world. This book is a fun read, there is a lot of chemistry and a lot of fun happening in the book that really makes the book. There is some up and downs that keeps you guessing and turning the pages to find out what happens. You really won't be disappointed.

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May 21, 2015

There Goes the Bride Catherine Mann, Joanne Rock

What's the book about:
Hair stylist Lindsey Ballard hates answering questions about her family’s country music roots in Nashville. She’s been avoiding music producer, Myles Emery, at all costs, who’s trying to write a book on her famous relative. But he can’t get to her today. It’s her wedding day. Or so she thought…
When Lindsey suddenly needs to call off the ceremony to Atlanta’s popular mayoral candidate, she makes her getaway with the persuasive producer, all the while trying to ignore the chemistry between them that had never existed with her ex.
Myles Emery has his own reasons for needing the truth about a country music legend–secrets the Ballard family keeps closely guarded. But when he happens to catch Lindsey running out on her wedding, he knows his luck is about to change. Too bad Myles wants Lindsey on first sight and the attraction is making it complicated to stay on task. “Uncovering her secrets” begins to take on a whole new, delectable meaning…

Runaway Brides Series
Book 1:How to Lose a Groom in 10 Days
Book 2:The Wedding Audition
Book 3: There Goes the Bride
Book 4: Bride on the Run

My thoughts on the book:
Lindsey is about to have the best day in any girls life she is just missing one important thing in the day and she needs to see her best friend and groom before the big day and feel the love there, however when she seeks him out she never thought what she finds out would ever happen. She is also hiding a family secret that she has been sworn to take to her grave when the ever present and good looking Myles Emery will not leave her alone even on her special day. Myles has one thing in mind uncovering a family secret and proving to the world the truth only problem is its not his family secret to tell  or is it? He sets out to uncover things that some people just feel should be left in the past. 
This book is a fun and quick read lots of excitement and a bunch of chemistry between the characters. The book is not a very deep book which is great so the light heartedness of it make is a book you really find your self loss in from the beginning to the end. 

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May 16, 2015

Forget Me Not, Erika Marks Loveless and Dunn Book 3

What's the book about:
When aspiring-writer Mallory Reynolds packed up for New York City, she ditched more than her quiet hometown of Magnolia Bay—she left her high-school sweetheart, Josh Loveless, behind. But when the big city didn’t deliver big contracts on her novels, she turned to writing erotica under the pen name Farrah Ivory to spare her family any embarrassment. Soon, her scandalously-sexy series, The Lost Diaries of Scarlet, is a break-out hit. Just as Mallory begins to enjoy her sweet success, her publisher leaks her true identity and a media firestorm ensues. Exposed, she decides there’s nowhere to hide—except for home.
For Josh Loveless, getting over Mallory Reynolds hasn’t been easy, but he’s done his best to move on. For starters, he’s turned his love of the outdoors and rock-climbing into his own business. And just as things are starting to settle for him, he learns Mallory’s coming home to ride out her scandal, and suddenly his world is turned upside down again…
Can Mallory convince her friends and family that she’s still the same good-hearted girl they knew? And more importantly, can Josh trust the woman she’s become, and give her a second chance to rewrite their love story with a happy ending?
My thoughts on the book:
Mallory has wanted to do two things in her life she wants to be a writer and she wants to marry Josh Loveless. Only thing is she never thought she would have to choose between the two. When things in her life get out of control she knows the only place she can turn to is home and she just not ready to face some of the people of her small town. Josh has loved Mallory forever when he's ready to take the next step he never imagined it turning out the way it did. Finally five years later he is excited to get things going again for his rock climbing store, but when Mallory crashes back into his life he not sure what to make of it or where it will go. 
This is a fun and short read can be read easily in one setting. The book has a lot of fun people in it that really make the book but they storyline keeps you turning the pages to find out whats is happening. There is a fun amount of chemistry. This book is worth the read and is really fun. 

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May 15, 2015

Bride by Mistake Nicole Helm

What's the book about:

And Kaitlin Shuller’s groom of her dreams is marrying someone else… her sister.

Worst day ever. Her heart is broken, and all her carefully laid plans destroyed. Enter Beckett Larson, her older brother’s best friend and a very good bad decision.

Beckett has spent his life trying to outrun his bad reputation, but everyone already thinks the worst of him, so when Kaitlin offers herself to him — virginity and all— he just can’t say no.

But one night together has permanent consequences, and this time Beckett knows he can’t outrun his bad boy reputation. He’s determined to make Kaitlin his bride…even if he has to seduce her down the aisle.

My thoughts on the book:

Kaitlin has spent most her life in love with Carter and he loves her sister and she is just ready to  be over the wedding and see where life goes. She has decided that she is sick of living what everyone else wants and she is ready to make some changes. Beckett has been known as the bad boy for so long and he is so over it. He comes face to face with the last person he ever thought he would have to deal with his biggest fantasy come to life. 
This book is a quick simple and fun read packed with lots of ups and a few (good) downs but downs that keep you guessing and wanting to find out what is going to happen. This is a book full of chemistry from the begging to the end and leaves you wanting just a little more. Its also a fun book from Marietta Montana where you find your self visiting from pervious book that really having you coming back for more. 

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Other books in the series:

May 14, 2015

The Closer You Get Carter Ashby

What's the book about:

If there’s one thing Rye Holcomb hates, it’s small, tight-knit towns with high virtues and zero tolerance for outsiders. Fidelity is just such a town. And Rye is just such an outsider. So when he and his brother, Cash, take jobs in Fidelity, Rye decides not to get too comfortable. Which is why he is avoiding some rather confusing feelings for his new boss, Cora McKay.

Cora was born, raised, and baptized in Fidelity. She owns a thriving construction business, has a close circle of friends, and is the breadwinner for her mother and four sisters. The one thing she lacks is a sex life, something she’s never longed for until now. One conversation with Rye sparks her sexual awakening, and, in spite of his reputation as a man-whore, Cora can’t resist giving in to his advances. 

As Rye enjoys initiating his virgin employer, and Cash experiences a relationship with a man for the first time in his life, they begin to think of Fidelity as home. But small towns have brought them trouble in the past, and it appears Fidelity holds trouble for their future. Can their newfound relationships be enough to overcome a past that relentlessly follows them? Can two men who have been burned by love learn to trust again?

My thoughts on the book:

Rye and Cash are brothers and they trust no one, they are moving again to yet another small town. Rye goes to a job interview and with one thing on his mind women. He has been accused of treating them like dirt and has no respect for them. He has and I don't care attitude and is just set to make his brother happy and live on his own terms. Cash is laid back and is ready to settle down in one place he has secrets and he is so ready to put them behind him and move on and find the love of his life but he seems like he just can't get a break. Cora and Adam have been friends since kids they both are from the small town of Fidelity and have each others backs no matter what. They are both looking for love and once doesn't realize it until its right in front of them. 
I am not a huge fan of this book. There are two stories going on at once and I get why they "make" the book overall. However I feel like if both stories could have been told in two separate books it would have been a lot better and easier to keep everything straight some points at the beginning were confusing.. However I will say the storyline was well written the author did a good job grabbing your attention and leave on important part of the book hanging through most of it which had you turning the pages and wanting more. 

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May 11, 2015

Life After Perfect Nancy Naigle (Montlake Romance series)

What's the book about:
Katherine Barclift had it all: the perfect job, the perfect car, and what she thought was the perfect marriage. But when her entire world collapses in one stomach-churning instant, she hits the road and keeps driving until that so-called “perfect life” is just a dot in her rearview mirror.
A chance encounter leads her to make a pit stop in Boot Creek, a drowsy little North Carolina town where she can call herself Katy, soak up the peace and quiet…and drink in the bluer-than-blue eyes of Derek Hansen, a local doctor still wrestling with his own painful past. Both Katy and Derek are wary about giving romance another shot, but they can’t deny the intense attraction between them. And if being in Boot Creek has taught them anything, it’s to take life as it comes and never pass up a chance at true love…no matter how wounded your heart may be.
My thoughts on the book:

Katherine "Katy" was living the perfect life, she only missing one thing and she knows it would be really close if not soon she would get it. Then everything change in one instant and she felt like her whole world has fallen apart when, when she hits the road and is ready to find herself again. Derek is starting over again in his hometown and is facing his own healing process. He run into Katy and just knows there is something special there, he just doesn't know what.
This book is hard to put down and its amazing the storyline keeps you drawn in and I found my self staying up late just to keep reading and wanting to find out what happens. This author did an amazing job connecting with the reader and the characters. The characters where amazing, they where really fun and you had a few very serious moments that really get to the heart of the matter.  I really hope that there is a story for Angie. You can not go wrong with this book. 

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May 8, 2015

Where there's a Will Katherine Garbera, Eve Gaddy

What's the book about:
Where There’s A Will…
Sexy attorney Ryder Ford always knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. But Addison Wells, his gorgeous secretary, is one woman he wants but can’t have. Or can he? One scorching, unforgettable kiss under the mistletoe is all that either have allowed. Addison is focused on her studies and becoming a lawyer herself and she plans to leave the dust of Whiskey River behind. Unless…
There’s A Way…
Addison has mastered ignoring her hotter than sin boss until one stormy day when a threatening tornado forces them to find shelter from the storm. Despite the fact that Addison is weeks from moving to another city, she finds herself breaking her own “no office romance” rule. She’s not meant to settle down—but how can she resist someone as persuasive and tempting as Ryder? She’s determined that he should be her going away present but will Ryder let her go that easily?

My thoughts on the book:
Ryder is about to see his crazy family but as the family attorney one behalf of his dead uncle he had some explosive news to share with them and he did not want to be the one to share this news. To top it all off a storm is moving in. Addison is work really hard to make something of herself she is working really hard to prove something as well. She has been working really hard avoiding her boss, her really hot boss. When a storm moves and she is forced to face one of her greatest fears. 
This book is short and sweet to the point, however is has a lot of chemistry coming off the pages. The book can easily be read in under an hour. The storyline was ok seemed to jump around a lot though. 

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May 7, 2015

This Thing Called Love Miranda Liasson Mirror lake #1

What's the book about:

New York City self-help editor Olivia Marks faces her toughest assignment yet: parenthood. When her sister dies in a car accident, the career-oriented Olivia suddenly becomes the guardian to her four-week-old niece, Annabelle. She also becomes a challenge for Annabelle’s uncle, Brad Rushford, an old flame whose gorgeous green eyes bring Olivia’s fevered memories rushing back.
As the two circle each other in their small hometown of Mirror Lake, Olivia finds that Brad is as sexy and charming as ever—and now he’s the darling of the town as he expands his successful lakefront restaurant. Is his flirting designed to get serious, or to lower Olivia’s defenses to give up guardianship? When she finds out about the turreted, brick Victorian house Brad tours with a realtor and an attractive, no-strings-attached reporter—the same place where he and Olivia shared an unforgettable night years ago—Olivia wonders if he’s looking for a future with her, or planning to start a new life with someone else?
In the first heartwarming Mirror Lake story, steamy trysts and surprising twists lead two people to a future neither one expected.

My thoughts on the book:

Oliva is forced to become a "mom" and she is dealing with the loss of her sister, and dealing with coming home to where she has lost and is broken. She has a high powered job and is ready to just let this pass so that she can get back home to work and take care of her beautiful niece, what she didn't count on was a run in with her ex, well she knew she would have to once in a while since he's Annabelle's uncle. Brad has worked his whole life to provide for his siblings and do right by them. He lost his brother and now has his niece to think about and he knows one thing he thinks he has her life better figured out then his deceased brother and sister in law. He has been broken and has dealt with a lot and he feels like family needs to stay together and no one will get in his way.
 I really liked this book it was fun and has a lot of fun characters. I had a love, hate relationship with Brad some point in the book you are really rooting for him and then you find yourself hating him. The author did a really good job with the storyline and the overall chemistry of all the characters not just the main ones. I can't wait to read Meg and Ben's story if its anything like this one it will be amazing. 

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May 5, 2015

After the War Jessica Scott (Homefront series #2)

What's the book about:
A terrible loss…

Captain Sarah Anders lost her husband to the Iraq war and has nearly lost the career she loves. Sent to Fort Hood, she only wants to do her job and take care of the daughter she’s raising on her own. She never counted on running straight into a memory she’d tried to forget. A love he never forgot...

Captain Sean Nichols never got over Sarah. He simply tried to forget her amidst the war and the chaos of combat. But when she’s assigned to investigate his unit, he comes face to face with the woman no war or any amount of time could make him forget.
A dark secret…
As Sarah gets closer to the truth, Sean must accept that actions he took during the war may end the tentative love building between them. And even if Sarah can forgive him, Sean may never be able to forgive himself.

My thoughts on the book:
Sarah has has a lot of loss in her life and she is ready to start over again and give her daughter the life they both deserve, the only problem is she has a mouth that gets her in trouble and she runs into a person from her past she is just not ready to face ever again. Sean has his own demons he has to deal with when two guys in his unit seem to be facing there own demons and he keeps getting thrown into the middle since he's there boss and he is so over it. The only problem he is facing is having to work with Sarah the one person he was never wanting to see again, accept he has a secret of his own he needs to make sure he faces before he can be honest with himself and Sarah. This book is really good it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time and I found myself turning each page wanting so much more the ending was amazing and the book is really worth the read. If asked to use words to describe this book it would be intense, amazing, lots of romance and a little bit of erotic but over all AMAZING. This book and the first one Homefront are both books you will not want to pass on. 

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May 4, 2015

Driven to Date Susan Hatler

What's the book about:
Career-driven attorney, Jill Parnell, has worked long and hard to become a partner at Corbett, Gray, & Shaw. When the coveted position is given to the boss’s nephew, she does what any intelligent employee would do—attends a colleague’s wedding and schmoozes a high-powered partner at another law firm. 

Her potential new boss has only one condition for her, that she demonstrate a personal life that will support a thriving career. Pretending to have a boyfriend is outside Jill’s comfort zone, but she invites the best man to act the part and Ryan is all-too eager to play her significant other. Sparks fly between them, but she reminds herself she’s only driven to date to get back on the partner track. 

When Jill discovers Ryan is the lawyer who stole her promotion, her charade threatens to implode. But breaking off their pretend relationship could cost her the job of her dreams. And the more she gets to know Ryan, the more she’s tempted to tame the bad boy, and make him her own.
My thoughts on the book:
Jill had one thing in mind a partnership in a law firm before she's 33. Well all those dreams were crushed the the firm she is working for gives the job she was promised to someone else. She is set to get even but also get a job with another firm. Ryan is know as a playboy but he has one thing on his mind and its the last thing he ever thought would be. The book is a fun read it has a lot of fun and no sex in this book but a lot of chemistry that really pops off the pages and its really fun the back and forth of characters. The book is short and I was able to read it in one setting. you really can't go wrong with this book. 

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May 3, 2015

His Blushing Bride Dani Collins M

What's the book about:
Wedding fever has hit the little town of Marietta…
Piper Tierney is busy wrapping up the school year and planning the music for Marietta’s Wedding Of The Century. She does not need one of her parents’ backpacking hippies under foot. Except the guy they let stay in their house is so much more than the California couch-surfer he resembles. Before she knows it, she’s making time to make time, even though he’s only in town for a couple of weeks.
Taking a break from working on his doctorate in political science,Sebastian Bloom wants to reassure himself his sister isn’t making another mistake with her upcoming wedding to a Marietta rancher. He’s definitely not looking for a bride for himself. Marriage and family are a trap. But Piper is cute, funny, and wants to move on from her ex.
They agree to a no strings affair, but will they wind up tying the knot?
My thoughts on the book:

Piper grew up in Marietta she can easily blend right in and she finds that she likes music and it the one place she can hide that no one seems to noticed her. She recently has been faced with some challenges but its nothing she can't handle. Well except maybe this one, he parents are in another country and email to tell her someone will be staying in there house while there gone this is not the first person her parents brought home just the first one with out them her. 
Sebastian Bloom lands in Marietta and the last thing he expects is to find a women who is immune to him. He is there for his sisters wedding and he wants no women no commitment and Piper is no exception. She's a girl looking for long term and he doesn't believe in long term. When the two of them clash and repeatedly he takes it as a challenge little does he expect what turns out. 
This was a fun book short sweet but very sassy and saucy. This book has you drawn in and you find yourself  really enjoying the storyline right away. There was never a dull moment  very fun and you will not want to miss out on the fun people of Marietta. 

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May 1, 2015

Hot Alphas Lora Leigh, Laurelin McGee, Shiloh Walker, Kate Douglas

What's the book about:
Four sexy short stories featuring four hot alpha heroes, headlined by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh. 
In Erin's Kiss by Lora Leigh, ex-Marine Turk has become Erin's sworn protector. The target of her CIA-operative brother's foes, Turk is the only port Erin has to cling to in a storm. He promised her brother long ago never to touch her--but how can he resist a woman who aches to be with him as much as he burns for her? 

In misTaken by Laurelin McGee, Jaylene is an independent woman whose feminist values run deep. The last thing she wants is a man telling her what to do. Until she meets her mysterious new neighbor. He makes her realize that you can still be strong and relinquish control... in the bedroom. But as their passion consumes them, Jaylene isn't sure he is who he says he is. 
In Burn for Me by Shiloh Walker, Tate longs to spend his nights with Ali, a woman he's loved for years. But while Ali's heart aches for him, her head has reservations. Ali knows that Tate has unresolved anger that is a force to be reckoned with...but the heat that blazes between them is undeniable. Now both Tate and Ali are left to wonder: Can love really conquer all? 
In Tangled by Kate Douglas, Nate shows up to work at Tangled Vineyards ready to do what he loves best--craft award-winning wines. But when something better comes in the form of Cassie, the winemaker and former owner, Nate is completely love-drunk. Getting involved with Tangled's mixologist is a bad way to start off a new job, but with Cassie as a temptation, Nate doesn't stand a chance.

My thoughts on the book:
Erin's Kiss by Lora Leigh: Erin is the step daughter to one of the most powerful guys in the security world and she is set to help in the family business and won't take no for an answer and won't take anything from anyone, as a bar tender she has no use for BS. Turk he's in the secret world that protects a bunch of high power people but moon lights in the bar in the mean time and he has no problem putting the people in there place. 
This book was HOT and STEAMY but also kick butt. The storyline was well written and the chemistry was just dripping off the page. 
misTaken by Laurelin McGee: Jaylene is working her dream job as a teacher, when one of her neighbors set her up on a date from hell. She comes home and runs into her HOT new neighbor and knows she needs to know more about this man. Noah moves into a nice neighborhood and sees a really hot girl he would like to have plans with in the bedroom for sure, the problem is he has a secret and he has no intention of telling anyone or ever getting close to anyone and that includes Jay, or does it. Will this secret he's keeping make or break them? This book is hot and steamy not a huge storyline as its a novella but what story there was is good and lots of chemistry and is HOT and STEAMY written all over it.
Burn for Me by Shiloh Walker: Tate has always just wanted a no non since relationship and he knows he has that with Ali, or does he? Ali has two things she wants in life the best life she can offer to his boys and love, the love part has always been tough but she thinks she has it, she only wishes that it wasn't one sided. 
This book was a fun book like the other two the only problem is the end, I was not a fan of the way it ended. There are some twist and turns in this fun book with a little bit of steam right from the start.
Tangled by Kate Douglas:  Mac has found his dream job the last thing he thought he would ever find was his dream girl has he finally found her in Cassie? Cassie, is at a point in her life that she's just not happy about she is really emotionally struggling and is having to face some things she doesn't want to, the last thing she expected was Mac and she knows she needs to stay clear of him he has trouble written all over him. This was a fun read and I think one of my favorite out of the four books. This books keep you on the edge of your seat and keeps you all drawn in. 

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The Wedding Cake Tree Melanie Hudson interview

HI welcome to my blog I am so excited to welcome Melanie Hudson, I was able to do a fun interview and wanted to share it with you and a little bit about the Book The wedding Cake tree so here we go:

1. Where are you currently living and tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a free-spirited wanderer who floats above the planet passing peace and light and love around the world … actually, that’s who I would like to be! In reality I’m an ex-forces mother of one who writes books, gardens and enjoys time with friends. I play the piano badly and sing too loudly. I would have liked to have been an opera singer.

2. When did you begin writing?

I began writing when I left forces life in 2010 and moved to Dubai (I don’t live in Dubai anymore).

3. What inspired you to write this book?

The inspiration for the book came from the fact that I knew my son would never comprehend the military woman I used to be – I wouldn’t necessarily want him to.

4. I noticed this is your first book is there something about this book that you enjoyed writing?

Yes, this is my first book. I particularly enjoyed writing Rosamund’s letters and I also loved building up the relationship between Alasdair and Grace.

5. If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Jane Austen – who else?

6. I love to know what other people are reading I am just wondering what book are you reading now?

I’m reading ‘I Met a Monk’ by Rose Elliot as research for my next book – it’s fantastic but it’s not fiction.

7. I really loved the story with Alasdair and Grace and I love how you drew the reader in, do you have another book in the work?

Yes, my next book is based in North Devon at Woody Bay and is so special to me I don’t want to talk about it too much (I still want to keep it close to my heart) – sorry.

8. Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Yes – discipline. Despite having worked in a military environment for sixteen years I find it difficult to discipline myself to writing every day.

9. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

To my readers I simply want to say a genuine and heart-felt thank you and I hope I can provide pleasure and happy reading through my work.


Can a mother’s secret past provide the answers for a daughter’s future?
Celebrity photographer Grace Buchanan has always known that one day, she’d swap her manic day job for the peace and quiet of her beloved childhood cottage, St Christopher’s – she just didn’t expect it to be so soon.
At the reading of her mother’s will, she’s shocked to learn that she hardly knew Rosamund at all, and that inheriting St Christopher’s hangs on one big – and very inconvenient – condition: Grace must drop everything for two weeks and travel the country with a mysterious stranger – war-weary Royal Marine, Alasdair Finn.
Caught in a brief but perfect moment in time, Grace and Alasdair walk in Rosamund’s footsteps and read her letters at each breathtaking new place. As Grace slowly uncovers the truth about her mother’s incredible life story, Alasdair and Grace can’t help but question their own futures. Will Rosamund’s madcap scheme go to plan or will events take an unexpected turn?
An emotional, fun-filled and adventurous journey of a lifetime.
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Thank you so much for stopping by and joining me on this fun interview feel free to check up for more fun ones in the future, Don't forget that you can find Melanie on Twitter  On Facebook: and you can always check in with her on her website at

Have a fun day full of reading!!!! Happy reading everyone!!!