Apr 30, 2016

Love of the Game, Stardust, Texas #3 Lori Wilde

What's the book about:
A sexy sports superstar discovers his body isn’t the only thing that needs healing in this newest Stardust, Texas novel from New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde.
With major league good looks and talent, Dallas Gunslingers relief pitcher Axel Richmond was living the good life. Even if the roar of the crowd could never distract him from the loss of his young son. But now with an injured shoulder and his career on the line, Axel is stuck recuperating at a ranch in Stardust, Texas . . . striking out only with his gorgeous physical therapist.
Kasha Carlyle has one week to get Axel back in action or she can kiss her much-needed job with the Gunslingers goodbye. And any chance to seek custody of the orphaned half-sister she never knew existed. She quickly learns that Axel’s guarded heart also needs healing . . . requiring all kinds of sneaky plays and sexy moves in extra innings.

  • Praise for Lori Wilde’s Stardust, Texas Series and Love Of The Game
  • “Amusing, passionate, and rampant with sexual tension, this magic dusted escapade is just plain fun and a wonderful harbinger of things to come. Wilde is an expert at developing endearing Texas communities and here gives fans another one to savor.”—Library Journal
  • “[A] sweet and sexy story of first love, small towns, and family.”—Booklist
  • “Wilde brings readers to Stardust, Texas, where baseball and romance are the name of the game . . . Wilde has another winner.”—RT Book Reviews
My thoughts on the book:
Axel was doing what he loved playing baseball and living the life. When an injury left him with a choice of surgery he noticed Kasha and wanted her opinion, when she said relax he knew he had to take the chance and relax. He was dealing with the loss of his son and he knows that he needs to add that to the healing process. But will he be able to heal and keep his promise to his son and he's dream alive?
 Kasha knows what its like to live in hell. When she discovers she has a half sister who has a disability she sets out to become her legal guardian and the includes getting the job at Gunslingers as a physical therapist, but when she opens her mouth and gives her opinion she puts everything on the line including protecting her heart. But will she be able to have it all and will she let Axel in to break down the walls she has had since she lost her parents or will the secret be to much and will she loose it all.
     I really, really enjoyed this book. There is passion, there is love, there is heartbreak, there is fun and there is joy and hurt but it all makes for a wonderful book. It was a real pager turner leaving you wanting more with each chapter. I really felt like I was catching up with friends in the book and not reading a story of fiction. The author does and amazing job in telling a story where it brings awareness to Down syndrome. There really is not anything I did not like about this book. While there are some adult scenes in this book I would not recommend to just anyone. You really can not go wrong with this sweet love story of healing, hope and finding who you are.

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Apr 26, 2016

Matt R.C. Ryan

What's the book about:
Raised beneath the big Montana sky, Matt Malloy was never meant to be a jet-setting businessman. But he'll do anything to protect the family ranch he shares with his brothers. Coming home after a two-week trip to Italy, Matt wants nothing more than to shed his suit and tie for a well-worn pair of jeans and ride his horse up to the cabin for some alone time. The last thing he needs is a big-city lawyer invading his privacy-even if she is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen . . .

Vanessa Kettering has devoted her life to her work. As a passionate animal rights defender, she doesn't have room for anything else. But from the moment she meets Matt, she's taken with this rugged cowboy's lazy smile and tender touch. When a raging storm traps them inside his cabin for the night, one steamy kiss leads to another, sweeping them away with a force that's as wild and untamed as the land he loves. But when the morning light comes, will she lose her heart?

My thoughts on the book:

Matt has his whole life ahead of him he keeps those he loves close to him and he would do just about anything for all of them. When he gets back from a business trip, he goes to the "cabin" in the wood to get refreshed and his mind back on ranching. When his Grandma ask him to take a meeting with a high powered lawyer he never expects Vanessa. They both have secrets but his is to protect his family and show her what the wild life and ranching is all about. 
Vanessa is on a mission to get the best in the business to help her in saving wild life, when she fly into Montana she doesn't expect to be meeting with the grandson but she make the best she can. She is ready to go back home and she get a phone call that will change her life but she never expected this family to step in and help her. But will they be able to help her and will she be able to keep her heart in tact and stay alive?
 I really had fun reading this book it starts off perfect then its like a roller coaster and your sitting in the back you can't see whats coming but you know its going to be good when it happens. The book is a real page turner and has you on the edge of your seat the whole time. I loved how even though there seemed to be a handful of character is flowed perfect and it was not hard to keep up. You truly end up falling for each one and walking away feeling like you just met up with friends. I can wait to read more from this bunch and find out what other fun adventures they will take you one. I am really pulling for all of them and the Love they share is just genuine. I will say there was one small part in the book that just didn't seem to fit and that the author may have been trying to hard, but it was such a small part it doesn't take away from the book. IF you are looking for a fun adventure to take you place this book doesn't disappoint.
*Some strong language

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