Jul 25, 2017

Fraying the Edge Cindy Woodsmall - The Amish of Summer Grove #2

Family, community, faith, and love.
These “quilt blocks” sewn together made Ariana’s beautiful life.
When they are pulled to pieces,
will anything familiar remain?

The Old Order Amish life Ariana Brenneman loved vanished virtually overnight with the discovery that she was switched at birth twenty years ago. Now she’s immersed in the Englischer world, getting to know her mother and under the authority of her biological father, an atheist intellectual with resolute plans to expand Ariana’s worldview. Only Quill Schlabach, a childhood friend living Englisch, can steady the tilting ground between Ariana’s two worlds, but can she trust him after so many betrayals?

At the same time, Skylar Nash is forced to choose rehab or spend several months with her true relatives, the large Brenneman family and their seemingly backward life—no electricity, no technology, no fun. What the young woman can’t leave behind is her addiction to illegal prescription drugs and a deep emptiness from the belief that she doesn’t belong in either family.

New ties are binding Ariana and Skylar to the lives they were meant to have. Can they find the wisdom and strength they’ll need to follow God’s threads into unexpected futures?

Fraying at the Edge is the second novel in The Amish of Summer Grove series.

My thoughts on the book:

Ariana is given an ultimatum to spend a year with her bio parents or her dad will sue her amish parents. She is now doing everything they want but the pressure seems to much and she wonders how much more they can expect from her before she can go back to the simple way of living. Sky is given a choice live a year with her bio parents or rehab. She feel like her parents are just trying to dump her and her problems on someone else cause now the have the "perfect" daughter. They are both faced with a new life a new future and new way at looking at things and most of all they need to work through the pain that finding they were switched and now faced with everything. Can the work beyond it and learn to accept there new families or will it all be just to much?

This amish series is completely different then some of the other amish books I have read. This book does not try to even make it seem like the amish live this certain "perfect' life, this book as well as the first one they seemed to be portrayed more as a cult. That being said it made for a very good and interesting read. This book was just as good if not better then the first one. You are all over the place with emotions, you find your self laughing, crying and getting mad. The author did an amazing job with each one of these characters, my heart broke for both girls and what they are faced with. I keep hoping that Quill and Ariana fall in love but I am sure there is so much more fun to come in the next book. Family is super important with amish and it really showed in this series. Hands down this book is worth the read. 

This book is part of a series and should be read as such.

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