Jan 21, 2018

Saving the Sheriff Kadie Scott- The Hills of Texas Book 1

There's a storm brewing...

The day his wife died, Sheriff Cash Hill discovered she was leaving him for another man, one she'd loved since before their marriage. How could the single dad ever trust another woman again? But when Georgia's best friend, Holly, comes back to town, something about Holly's sweet, sassy vulnerability has his protective instincts kicking in hard.

Holly Jensen left La Colina, Texas with regrets. She's returned home to work as the new large animal vet and to watch over her best friend's daughter. But Holly's knowledge of Georgia's past could rip a family apart. And she's reluctant to go to the sexy…and single…sheriff, as he’s made it clear he wants nothing to do with her.

Both are faced with a choice…stay locked in the past or allow their reservations to be silenced by a passion hotter than Texas summer nights. Can they learn to trust their own hearts and each other?

My thoughts on the book:
Holly is back home in La Colina after college and is hoping that people can just let go of the past and the rumors. She knows that nothing will stop her from looking over he best friends daughter now that she's gone nothing including Cash. Cash is set to do anything and everything to avoid Holly she is everything he doesn't want or so he thinks. But when a secret is reviled he wonders if maybe there is more to her or if he is making the best decision to avoid her. Can they come together as friends and figure this all out or are they better left on their tasks at hand?

I thought this was a sweet love story. I think that the biggest thing that Holly needs to work through in this book is was finding a way to forgive herself for some decisions she had made in the past. She is this super strong women who has a huge caring heart and she loved helping those who needed help, animals and humans alike. I really enjoyed the banter between Holly, Will, Carter and Cash. Cash was completely likable and this story has a twist I can honestly say I haven't read in a book in a long time. This book does have adult scene, and some language. I really enjoyed reading this fun story and it was so worth the read. 

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